Board Of Directors

Akin Busari


President / CEO

Akin Busari is a visionary leader, singer, songwriter, and a real estate investor. He is a serial entrepreneur who is extremely passionate about helping people and making a difference. He has over 10 years experience investing in real estate and has successfully managed a portfolio of real estate assets totaling over $2m. His personal vision is to uplift and inspire people

Olufemi Ogunyeye


Chief Operating Officer – COO

Olufemi Ogunyeye is a Growth-Oriented Authentic Leader, Professional and Technology Enthusiast. Professionally, he helps organizations to bridge the gap between their enterprise aspirations and the results they achieve. In his personal time, he spends time leading initiatives that help improve education and life outcomes for children.

Nicole Busari



A passionate community leader and activist from a family of contractors and builders with over 10 years experience in real estate construction and investment. Nicole Busari has spent 15 years as a Behavior Clinician and community outreach organizer. She’s a serial entrepreneur who is devoted to the forward movement of her people.

Pauline Danquah



Pauline Danquah is an experienced Financial Analyst who is passionate about her Christian faith, social justice, and human rights. You would normally find Pauline publicly speaking about the injustices mostly involving the lives of Black and marginalized people, as well as the importance of having a spiritual connection with God. Pauline is currently pursuing her Master’s degree at Carleton University with the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, specializing in Health, Displacement and Humanitarian Policy. Her research interests include the livelihoods of refugees and internally displaced people. She aspires to work for Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada- IRCC and to work for the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees- UNHCR. Pauline enjoys the arts of cooking, hairstyling and the beauty of fashion! She is always ready for the camera!

Charmaine Miles


Cooperate Secretary

A Committed Consultant and Analyst. Charmaine takes pride in the work she does within her community and at her church, working among the elderly as well as the young. She loves sharing her knowledge and experience about how money works and avoiding pitfalls, having written the inciteful articles “Money Matters – Keepin’ it Real” and “Shifting the Paradigm in the Diaspora”. When she is not busy coaching and executing various financial strategies for her clients, she is being a full-time mom to her wonderful teenaged son. She is an avid philanthropist who hopes to give back even more upon completion of her Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology

Evadne Wilkinson


Council of Elders

Evadne Wilkinson has over 30 years as a Community Development Consultant, with a focus on children and youth; Adult Learners and literacy. Evadne is originally from Barbados, and brings years of experience to the Pamoja family.

Isaac Olowolafe Jr.

Builder & Developer

Isaac Olowolafe Jr. is the Founder and General Partner of Dream Maker Ventures (DMV) and Dream Maker Developments a Toronto based, early-stage venture firm

Folu Akindunni


Real Estate Sales Professional

Committed to excellence with in-depth experience in the Canadian Real Estate Market. Folu’s occupational pride is evident, as is his devotion to his clients and community

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