What is a share?

  • A share, in the context of PCIF DC, refers to ownership in specific Pamoja project. When you purchase shares of a project, you become a shareholder for that specific project and acquire a portion of ownership in that project. The ownership stake is proportional to the number of shares you hold relative to the total number of shares issued for the project. Shareholders have certain rights, such as voting rights, the ability to receive dividends, and the opportunity to participate in the project’s growth and success. Shares can be bought and sold within the organization, and their value can fluctuate based on various factors such as company performance, market conditions, and investor sentiment.

How much is a share?

  • In the Pamoja Farms project, a complete share is priced at $3500, while half a share costs $1800.
  • Participants in the $150 per month mortgage freedom fund will be eligible for half a share once they have made 12 months of payments.

What will I get as a shareholder of Pamoja Farms?

  • As a shareholder of Pamoja Farms, you will have the opportunity to own a portion of the farm and its assets. This entitles you to a share of the farm’s profits, as well as certain benefits such as access to farm produce or discounts on farm products. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes and have a voice in the direction of the farm’s operations.

Where is the 100-acre farm located?

  • Pamoja Farms is conveniently situated in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario, Canada, just a short hour and thirty-minute drive from Toronto.

Will I get access to land?

  • Certainly! We are currently developing designated members plots where Pamoja shareholders can cultivate their own food. It’s important to note that all produce grown in these plots must adhere to strict organic standards, meaning no pesticides or chemicals are permitted.

What is the farm address?

  • 1049 Sandringham Road Kawartha Lakes, Onatrio Canada K0M 2T0

What is the current zoning on the land?

  • The land is zoned for agriculture

Can I visit the land?

  • Certainly! You are welcome to visit the land at your convenience. However, it is highly recommended that you contact us in advance to coordinate a visit with one of our farming committee members.

Is PCIF Deevlopment Cooperative Inc. A registered cooperative?

Absolutely! We are indeed a registered cooperative with the federal government. Our cooperative number is 1161354-5.

Company By-laws

You can access our company By-laws via: 1-888-416-7967