Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Will I get a lot for $3500?

No, we are buying the land under PCIF Development Cooperative, so all investors must be members, thus the land will be purchased and owned by ALL INVESTING MEMBERS.  Share certificates will be given as proof of ownership.

How many people are on board so far?

Over 120 have expressed interest, but only a handful of these people have confirmed with payment.

What is the current zoning on the land?

The land is zoned for agriculture.

When can we see the land in person?

You can go and see the land at any time, it is best that you contact us to make arrangements with our Realtor & Agent Folu Akindunni.  Send us an e-mail. We are arranging a group visits

What is the timeline for the membership fee?

The membership fee is to offset some of the costs of running the cooperative, so as long as it costs money to run the cooperative, we will be charging the fee!!

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