To build on the legacy of our ancestors, by leveraging the power of group economics and to build generational wealth within our community.


To promote and foster economic growth for our members and invest in helping each one thrive through successful community development where no one is left behind. We are stronger together!


  • Family – Seeing each member as brother
    or sister

  • Respect – Treating everyone in the best
    possible manner

  • Dignity – Ensure no one is left behind
    Integrity – Knowing and doing right

  • Transparency – Be real and build trust
    in all relationships

  • Responsibility – Welcome opportunities
    to contribute, pursue self development,
    strive for higher knowledge & prepare
    our minds to listen.


  • Develop a positive community for people of African Descent: for us by us
  • Protect and place Elders in a place of honor
  • Establish safe spaces where our children can learn, grow and flourish
  • Build generational wealth for seven generations and their generations
  • Provide financial security and stability for our members
  • Help restore the African Diaspora to its roots through culture, education and self-development
  • Encourage and support our members
  • Bridge the gap between our Motherland and the Diaspora
  • Increase efficiencies through shared knowledge: we are stronger together
  • Develop businesses across all industries and economic systems