As black history month 2022 came to a close, a group of black Canadians were closing on one of the most historic deals of our time. PCIF Development Cooperative entered the annals of history with the collective purchase of approximately 100 acres of farmland in the Kawartha Lakes area, Ontario Canada. They joined the forerunners within the community who acquired land to provide food security. The journey to ownership started only a year prior when a call went out by singer/songwriter and visionary leader Akin Busari to all like-minded individuals. A few months later, a cooperative was born with goals, vision and mission that were clear from the get-go and culminated in this first collective purchase.

The PCIF Development Cooperative (fondly known as Pamoja – which means Togetherness) continues to scout new opportunities for ownership and continues to embrace people who share their common ancestral history. The Board had been discussing a number of opportunities to bring ownership, financial stability and dignity to people within the community. This Farmland purchase is just one of the projects that was under consideration. The mantra “Tuko Pamoja” rang true with the collective acquisition and brings new life to other projects in the pipeline.

The land acquisition forms a crucial part of the group’s overall strategic plan to address some of the supply chain issues which they believe will come to bear in future. This GMO free land is designated for organic produce and it is fitted with a number of wells and open fields. The barn and farm house, though in need of repairs present great short-term let potential once repairs are completed. The power of group economics at its best; PCIF DC has empowered each person invested, and by so doing, will create greater economic and food stability for those families.

We are stronger together! Tuko Pamoja!


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